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The Best Wine Hotel in Douro, North Portugal

Casa do Rio in Vila nova de Foz Coa is a unique place and in this article, I will describe why this hotel is probably the best hotel in North Portugal for a wine experience. This is my personal opinion and of course can vary depending on your tastes, requirements and expectations. Join me in my experience travelling to this beautiful wine hotel.

After descending through the surrounding valleys of the Douro river via a one-way road I was greeted with a beautiful glassy river, no noise except for the humming of local birds and a little charismatic abandoned house that was once supporting a railway that has been closed since 1985. The code view was so breath-taking that I had to stop my car and ensure I would take a photo.


After driving through a road that resembled Tuscany and its particularly shaped cypress trees, I arrived at a very homey place that felt more like a private home rather than a hotel. Some big dogs were there taking a peaceful nap, when suddenly the kind lady managing the hotel appeared, greeted me and directed me to my room. Understanding that I was a little hungry, the same lady promptly requested a homemade slice of cake and ensured it was delivered to my room.

The sun was about to set, so I walked down to the river through a tight path that guided me through some beautiful orange trees that added a perfect freshness to the already crisp fresh air. The river views are amazing, but as the light started to disappear it was now time to walk back for Dinner. A well served dinner was presented and a choice of wines was available, including a more special option which I decided to go for. What a great end of day and beautiful evening.

The next morning, I had committed to going back to the river and taking a bit of a canoeing experience, which based on the fact that there was no guide and that I was a first timer was a little bit intimidating, to add to all of this I was alone, but perhaps that was the magic of that moment. No noise, glassy waters, just me and the nature. What a peaceful feeling. It was time to continue the journey and visit the next stops which I will also write about.

For the time being be well and don’t forget to visit Portuguesewines.com to buy the best wines from Portugal.

Thank you for reading,

Laurence Difelice

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